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Short review of Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is a very interesting flash game, where the main character is a thief Bob who is trying to steal all money from the house. As the Bob thinks he is professional, he robs only big house which are full of money. But he forgot that the big house has great defense systems with alarms and cameras. The mission of the player is to enter the house, steal all money and leave it without getting caught. You will face a lot of obstacles like security cameras which should capture you, guards, locked doors and so on.

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Little more about Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber can be actually a mystery game having a cute-looking art-style. In this game you play with as a robber using a major head and a glowing grin. The work at”Bob The Robber” will be really to move into the concentrated area (the location which contains 4 arrows targeted out ), then retreat into the starting location (arises after coming at the concentrated area). Complete the map as swiftly as possible because there is likely to soon be a timer to inform you exactly how fast you’ve finished the degree.

. Attempt to get them and make sure you catch as much money as you possibly can. It is vital to be aware that the amount of money isn’t observable but can be hidden somewhere inside cabinets, boxes,. .

There are bits of paper scattered all round the particular level maps you have to get read and to to become invaluable info that will assist you to pass the barriers. Whenever you’re located outside, an alarm will stop. You’ll lose when 5 alerts stop at the degree.

The Way To Engage in
Use W or upward arrow to learn the newspapers / togo up stairs / to hunt around area which you imagine comprises money.
Press and grip Up or W arrow to unlock the doors that are locked.
Guidelines and Tricks

It’s possible to pause, resetand turn the sound or music on/off from the game.
Do not face the robots, cameras, butlers…, you may stand them behind and also they wont notice you.
You will find circuit boards close to the walls that are laser, socialize using them to eliminate the obstacle.
Browse on the pieces of newspaper to be aware of the pass code to open up the doors together with keypads.
When you start the game, the first thing you should do is to choose the house which you are going to rob. Just click on the house and you will find yourself there. Now you have to find the money and then leave house. The controls that you will need to move, go upstairs or downstairs and get the money our of the boxes are Arrow Keys on your keyboard or WASD buttons. Move towards the boxes and press Up arrow to get money.You will find a lot of doors, and some of them are locked. Just press the Up arrow key until bob unlock it. Some of the doors can also have the code lock. The code is somewhere in the room, you have to find it. Bob The Robber is a rather funny but interesting game. You will spend great time playing this game.

Control of the game Bob The Robber: Movement – the side varrow keys, collecting money / unlock the locks / theft – up arrow, hit with a stick – space, enter the code – 0-9, improvement – Z, X, C, pause – P.

Bob The Robber can be a very good puzzle game based on deception and theft. May play a job of this present day Robin Hood and struggle corruption and mafia on town. Explore string of buildings and rooms and solve various sorts of puzzles to come across signs that are useful. Do not neglect to get bonuses and money and also do not allow the surveillance cameras grumpy body guards and bots capture you. Are you going to have the ability to over come laser barriers and also find codes to start the doors all? But do not be concerned if you become captured or maybe twice, however if you put off the alert too frequently – that the match will soon be finished. Attempt in order to complete every point as quickly as feasible. Enjoy the completely free internet match Bob The Robber!

Your main task is to crack a few safes. Good luck!